We are not an investigation team, we are not associated with any group listed, and we can not assist with ghost issues or other paranormal problems. Please use the links on the home page to find a local group. Thank you!

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In order for groups to be on this list they must be active, investigate client/residential cases and be located or investigate in the state of Ohio. I may make an exception on part of this outline, but this was the basis of forming an Ohio list. This list will not be motivated by politics or finger pointing between groups, if there is a concern about you and another group please deal with it yourself. The groups that appear on this list appear at my discrection and will not be motivated by love/hate relationships or high school antics. Groups will be removed periodically as time permits or if a group submits the information to me. I have relied heavily on the groups in the community to keep this list somewhat current.

We will not post any banners for any group or service on this site. In the future I do plan on putting together a resource page that may provide banners to various sites, but I will not host banners on this site in order to keep things somewhat consistent.

When submitting your group information please include the following:

  • Full group name
  • City and area you cover
  • Website URL (including Facebook or other social media links) Please put the link in your message!
  • Preferred contact method (phone number, email address, or if your site contains a form handler such as the one below)
You must submit your first/last name and an email address for verification reasons in order for the group to make the list.

Ohio Paranormal Groups List Contact Form

After submitting this form you will be asked to confirm the data, once confirmed you will be redirected to Ghost Help.net, my home site.